Tuesday, July 16, 2024

The ‘New Normal’ for Fitness Enthusiasts

The ‘New Normal’ for Fitness Enthusiasts

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The COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of people to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus. For fitness enthusiasts, this situation also means having no place to workout properly and regularly since most gyms have shut down indefinitely.

In the past couple of months, we’ve seen that the e-commerce market for home fitness equipment is experiencing tremendous growth as people are going online to buy gym equipment—some are even being sold by fitness facilities. People have also been downloading workout apps or browse the web for home workout tutorials.

Despite these extra steps, however, it is still not enough to ensure that they achieve their fitness goals. Most online workout routines are too common that they do not match the intensity and nutritional diet that every individual need.

Spending too much money on gym equipment without proper knowledge of what kind of workout they require, on the other hand, makes these fitness tools practically useless without the guidance of professional gym trainers.

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom, fitness facilities are now bringing their classes online!

Champions Go Virtual

Santé Fitness Lab (SFL), a premier one-stop fitness center that offers holistic training programs, created a 30-day online program called “Live More, Do More 30-Day Program,” the total fitness and nutritional bundle, which combines expertly designed easy-to-follow fitness and mobility programs with the benefits of the superfood, Barley by Sante International.

The “Live More, Do More 30-Day Program” will help people get the essential benefits of training in a fitness facility  without the need for gym equipment and will provide videos for easy reference. SFL’s team of coaches, from licensed physical therapists to sports nutritionists designed the program which will address specific fitness and health goals. Experts are also available to guide you on how to maximize the program.

The program is carefully designed by fitness experts and is backed by science. It also includes a Flexifit program to enhance mobility, a basic nutritional guide and a Consultation call with an SFL expert and 1 Box of Sante Pure Barley.

“This initiative is one of our many ways to help our customers reach their best-fit selves while staying at home. If our customers cannot come to our facilities to work out then we will be the ones to reach out to them, especially during this uncertain time when we all need to,” said Clarize Lucindo, General Manager of SFL.

Home of Champions

SFL is living up to its tagline, “Home of Champions,” as they aim to bring out the Champion in everyone- not only In Sports, but also in Life. SFL believes that succeeding in Life means taking charge of your Fitness and Health no matter the circumstance. For those in pain or would like to continue with their Physical therapy, those in need of Nutritional guidance and or need 1 on 1 guidance on their fitness programs, 1 on 1 online services are also offered.

SFL is at par with the country’s premium fitness brands with its complete top of the line and Olympic-graded equipment for cardio, strength, speed, and agility. Unlike any other gyms, the difference is in their expert programming and coaching, as well as their innovative recovery and rehabilitation facilities and programs.

With SFL’s distinct programming system, where baseline assessment and progress monitoring are critical and, scientific principles and methods are applied by coaches, you can ensure that you will achieve your goals safely and effectively as everything is well thought of and planned for, whether it’s for jumpstarting your fitness, weight loss, recovering from an injury or training for your sports.

To know more about Santé Fitness Lab, its training programs, facilities, and other upcoming events, visit its official Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/Santéfitnesslab/ or its website at https://Santéfitnesslab.com/.