Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Take your business events to the next level with Gateway Cineplex Cinema 5

Take your business events to the next level with Gateway Cineplex Cinema 5

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Level up your next business gathering by renting out the Gateway Cineplex Cinema 5, a world-class venue that promises state-of-the-art facilities while ensuring the most stringent health and safety measures are enforced.  

Whatever you’re planning, may it be a seminar, a workshop, or a live recording, Gateway Cineplex Cinema 5 is the perfect venue to wow your participants. Boasting 524 seats and located in Gateway Mall, it’s an event space that promises to be not only conducive for any event, but accessible to everyone as it is located near a transport hub.  

Gateway Cineplex Cinema 5 offers comprehensive features that everyone will enjoy. It’s conveniently accessible through an escalator network from the lowest level basement parking ensuring that participants can go directly to the venue, stress-free. Upon ascent they’ll be greeted by a spacious lobby with skylight accented by a 360-degree stylized modern mural, the perfect location for pre-event activities or registration. Inside, the venue is fully air-conditioned to ensure maximum comfort of attendants. It also has imported seats and wall-to-wall carpeting. For live streaming events or other events that may need a comprehensive entertainment system, the venue has Dolby Digital EX Ultra Sound with JBL Speakers and a centralized projection system.   

To ensure the health and well-being of everyone, Gateway Cineplex Cinema 5’s aircon system promotes effective indoor air circulation. UV light room sterilizers are used to disinfect the entire area before and after every event. Frequent disinfection is also conducted especially in high-contact areas. Aside from these, disinfectant foot baths and alcohol dispensers are also situated at the entrances. 


Cinemas with smaller capacities but the same entertainment and safety features are also available. 


To know more or to book a reservation, please contact Ram Melegrito by calling or texting 0949-889-4301 or sending an email to rmelegrito@aranetagroup.com.