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Rainy Day Alert: Is your Vehicle Ready for Heavy Downpours? 

Rainy Day Alert: Is your Vehicle Ready for Heavy Downpours? 

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The rainy days are here. For motorists, this only means paying more attention while driving since inclement weather conditions increase the chances of accidents. Aside from making the roads slippery, heavy downpours also cause flooding, heavy traffic, and low visibility.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 1.3 million people worldwide die due to road traffic crashes every year. Between 20 to 50 million more suffer non-fatal injuries.


This is also true for the Philippines. In the country’s main metropolitan area alone, the Metro Manila Accident Reporting and Analysis System (MMARAS) recorded 65,032 accidents last year, resulting in the death of 337 people. When these numbers are broken down, Metro Manila averaged 178 road-crash incidents per day, with 50,230 cases causing property damages and 14,465 resulting in non-fatal injury.


As a safety precaution, many drivers would simply slow down when it begins to rain. While reducing speed is an integral element in driving safely in wet conditions, there are several other things that motorists must be aware of when driving in the rain.


Here are some of these road safety measures, as recommended by Prestone, a proven and trusted quality brand of Auto Care fluids since 1927. 



Check weather advisories.  

Aside from being mindful of the community guidelines amid the new normal, it also pays to always check the weather forecast before heading out. After all, it is better to be safe than be sorry while braving a heavy downpour on the road. You might want to consider putting off the trip altogether until the weather is better.


Make sure your vehicle is in good condition. Since there is no telling what might happen during rainy days, it is integral to always check the vehicle’s condition before using them. Make sure that head and taillights, brakes, and even windshield wipers are working in tip-top condition.


Also, check if there are flat tires so motorists can fix them before heading out. It always pays to bring spare tires and an emergency kit with all the essentials, such as jumper cables, tools, extra batteries, reflective triangles, etc.


Always wear seatbelts, proper gear. Seatbelts save lives. However, it is even more crucial for the driver and passengers to wear this safety equipment during rainy days. On the other hand, motorcycle riders must protect themselves from elements with waterproof or water-resistant gears, such as helmets, pads, raincoats, rain boots, or riding jackets.


Keep the headlights on. During heavy downpours, visibility is likely low. So, make sure that other motorists see the vehicle when it is out on the road. Drivers must also stay alert when driving and watch out for floods, pedestrians, and other vehicles. If they find it difficult to see things clearly, they need not hesitate to pull over and wait for the rain to subside. After all, everyone’s safety is more important than anything else.


Give other motorists enough space. The roads are more likely slippery because of the rain. That is why it is essential to go slow and give each driver more room to avoid a collision. Braking can also become more difficult, so motorists must ensure enough distance between the vehicle they are driving and the others.


To help ensure that their vehicle’s braking system works properly, motorists must regularly top their engines with essential car maintenance fluids. For instance, Prestone has developed a range of cutting-edge Brake Fluids to help them maintain their cars.


Topping the vehicle with these essential brake fluids is important because it plays a crucial role in ensuring the optimum performance of the braking system. It helps transfer the force created when a driver presses the brake pedal directly onto the wheel hub. It also serves as a lubricant for all the movable parts while preventing corrosion, which happens, more likely, on wet, rainy days.

Prestone’s range of cutting-edge brake fluids is a scientifically compounded and chemically balanced formula developed for use in all types of automobile and truck hydraulic brake systems, including those equipped with disc brakes. It is formulated to provide safe, dependable performance in the hydraulic brake system for long periods and under a wide range of operating conditions. It exceeds the performance requirements of DOT 3 and military brake fluid specifications.


Meanwhile, there is also the Prestone Brake Fluid DOT 3 for motorcycles. It is formulated for optimum performance for all disc brake systems in all types of motorcycles, requiring DOT 3 brake fluid for the master cylinders. It protects against brake failure from vapor lock, helps prevent corrosion in the brake system, and works with all brake systems requiring DOT 3.

For systems that require high-temperature DOT 4 brake fluid, Prestone also offers Prestone DOT 4 Synthetic Hi-Temp Brake Fluid. It exceeds specifications, provides excellent performance in high-temperature braking systems, and protects against corrosion for all metals within the braking system. It is suitable for disk, drum, and anti-lock braking systems (ABS).


Prestone Philippines has always been an advocate for road safety. Aside from brake fluids, it also provides other cutting-edge car care products, such as coolants, power steering fluids, and more.


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