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Plastic Waste Collection Program launched at the SM Mall of Asia

Plastic Waste Collection Program launched at the SM Mall of Asia

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SM Supermalls, SM Cares, and Plastic Credit Exchange (PCEx), in partnership with Nestle Philippines, Colgate Palmolive, and PricewaterhouseCoopers, recently launched the second leg of the Plastic Waste Collection Program at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City, as part of their collective goal to promote sustainability, responsible solid waste management and the proper disposal of plastic waste among consumers and communities.


This comes after the launch of the initiative last February 10 in SM Megamall, wherein SM and PCEx were able to collect 461 kgs of soft plastics, 54.5 kgs of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and high-density polyethylene, and 26 kgs of polystyrene foam. The plastic waste collection in SM MOA begins March 11 and will be rolled out in stages in select SM Malls nationwide in the coming months.


The program is sponsored by Nestle Philippines and Colgate-Palmolive. Volunteers from SM Development Corporation, SMX Convention Center, Conrad Manila, and SM Commercial Properties Group joined the move by bringing their plastic waste to the collection site. Types of plastic waste accepted include PET and HDPE bottles; plastic cups, lids, straws, and utensils; sachets and snack packaging; shampoo and detergent bottles, plastic bags, and small tires. Customers, communities, and offices may bring their plastic waste to the SM Mall of Asia, North Parking building (fronting One E-Com) every day from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Plastic waste should be empty, clean, and dry. 

Plastic waste collected at SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City

PCEx CEO and Founder, Nanette Medved-Po, who is also known as one of the country’s leading advocates for sustainable business practices said, “The Plastic Credit Exchange is intentional about seeking out stakeholders that align well with our mission of sustainability, environmental stewardship, and public transparency. Thanks to SM’s approach of finding more meaningful ways to manage household and retail plastic waste, with the support of partners like Nestle and Colgate-Palmolive, we will further contribute to our journey by continuing to remove plastic from nature.”


This partnership of collecting plastic waste is a very important one. The importance of plastic waste collection cannot be over-emphasized, with the Philippines as the third largest (ocean) plastic polluter in the globe. We at PWC are very happy to join in this effort of SM Supermalls and PCEx on plastic waste collection. PWC global network consists of 170 firms around the globe and we have a global ambition to achieve net-zero carbon emission by the year 2030,” said Atty. Alex Cabrera, Chairman and Senior Partner of Pricewaterhouse Coopers, who leads its Philippine office in achieving PWC’s sustainability goal on net-zero emissions. 


For its part, SM Supermalls President, Steven Tan said “With the plastic waste collection program, everyone can contribute to the environment by dropping off their empty, clean, and dry plastic waste. We would like to thank PCEx for collaborating with us, through our shopping malls.”


The Plastic Waste Collection Program supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 12, 13 & 14, which promotes sustainable consumption and production patterns, climate action, and promoting the conservation and sustainable use of marine resources. 

Property Managers of SMDC Residences at the MOA complex bring their plastic waste for proper disposal

Colgate is committed to Sustainability, which is embedded throughout our organization and actions we take every day. Sustainability plays a very important role in how we operate as a corporation, and we are committed to continuing to invest in this vital area. Our Sustainability mission is to create a healthier and more sustainable future for everyone, this means, preserving our environment and developing sustainable products and packaging which are recyclable,” said Arvind Sachdev, President and General Manager of Colgate-Palmolive, partner of PCX in its plastic collection initiative. 


In addition, Nestle Philippines, also a partner of the Plastic Collection Program, through its Chairman and CEO Kais Marzouki said “This strongly supports our vision that none of our packaging, including plastic, ends up in landfills or in the environment.”


In her message, Pasay City Mayor Hon. Imelda Calixto-Rubiano encouraged others to follow suite. “To the other companies and organizations in Pasay, if you have not yet involved yourselves in protecting the environment, now is the time to do so! Take the cue from SM and PCEx. Be assured that Pasay City will always support these kinds of initiatives that ensure healthy surroundings and reliable waste management,” she said.


Of the plastic collected, those that are recyclable will be sent to partners and reconverted into new useful products. Whatever cannot be recycled will be used as an alternative fuel to coal in cement co-processing. Co-processing is recognized by the UNEP as the environmentally preferred option for managing end-of-life plastics.


Plastic Credit Exchange is the world’s first global, non-profit, fully integrated plastic offset platform. PCEx offers a seamless, traceable, and effective solution to offsetting post-consumer plastics responsibly to ensure they don’t wind up in nature.


SM Cares is the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of SM Supermalls, with programs to support communities and promote social inclusion and care for the environment. Its CSR advocacies include Programs for the Environment, Persons with Disabilities, Women & Breastfeeding Mothers, Children & Youth, Senior Citizens, and the creation of bike-friendly SM Malls across the country. 

SM’s other initiatives for the Environment include the Trash to Cash recycling market every first Friday and Saturday of the month; Electronic Waste Collection program; Water recycling across all of its malls; the use of solar energy; the annual Green Film Festival; and the AweSMSeas campaign on marine plastic pollution, in partnership with USAID and PRRCFI, to name a few.


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