Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Pfizer Philippines and Philippine College of Surgeons Forge Pioneering Partnership to Support Rational Antibacterials Use in Surgical Specialties

Pfizer Philippines and Philippine College of Surgeons Forge Pioneering Partnership to Support Rational Antibacterials Use in Surgical Specialties

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In a unified effort to support surgeons’ continuing skills development in the Philippines through knowledge sharing and training, Pfizer Philippines and the Philippine College of Surgeons (PCS) have come together in a landmark partnership, culminating in a ceremonial signing of their MOA.

This strategic three-year collaboration permits Pfizer and PCS to jointly conceive Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities. Benefitting from on-demand Learning Modular System (LMS) and informative webinars, the initiative aims to provide PCS members and associated healthcare professionals with top-tier medical knowledge and training.

Through this partnership, members of PCS will receive insights on a wide array of topics crucial to surgical competencies. These encompass principles and practice of antimicrobial stewardship, the problem of resistance, surgical infections, optimal antibiotic use and other relevant subjects that bolster surgical proficiencies.

The signed landmark partnership was solidified during a ceremonial activity, the document signed by two esteemed leaders in the medical field: Pfizer Philippines Interim Country Medical Director, Dr. Evan N. Payawal, and PCS President, Dr. Maria Concepcion C. Vesagas, and endorsed by Pfizer Country Manager So-Myung Lim

Both PCS and Pfizer Philippines share a harmonized vision for the collaboration, which is in line with their shared objectives of constantly improving surgical healthcare delivery, and propagating scientific knowledge through meaningful educational collaborations with key societies. The alliance is anticipated to to help contribute to drive excellence in patient surgical care and safety.

About the collaboration, Dr. Evan N. Payawal remarked, “This partnership exemplifies the commitment of both institutions to prioritize healthcare innovation and excellence. It’s more than a mere collaboration; it’s a commitment to the people we serve.”

“We in Pfizer Philippines are all extremely proud to launch this important partnership with the Philippine College of Surgeons (PCS) in conceptualizing Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities for the benefit of various medical stakeholders and personnel. We have always believed in the power of education to capacitate and better equip individuals on their roles and advocacies, and definitely, the partnership we are announcing today is a testament of the vision and leadership of Pfizer and PCS in the country” said Pfizer Philippines Country Manager So-Myung Lim.

Dr. Maria Concepcion C. Vesagas echoed these sentiments, stating, “In a constantly evolving medical landscape, it’s essential to remain at the forefront of knowledge. Through this partnership, our members will have access to vital resources, ensuring that we continue to deliver outstanding patient care. “

This newly formed partnership is in sync with this year’s 79th PCS Annual Clinical Congress theme of “Collaborations and Innovations in the Era of Global Surgery”.  Definitely a step forward to achieving our set goals.” added by Dr. Vesagas

In these unprecedented times, partnerships like these not only underscore the commitment to excellence but also fortify the foundations for a healthier tomorrow.