Tuesday, July 16, 2024

PascualLab gets CHOSEN

PascualLab gets CHOSEN

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Amidst this looming pandemic, Pascual Laboratories, Inc. (PascualLab) and international child-focused organization World Vision Development Foundation, Inc. (World Vision) join hands to bring hope to children in need through the child sponsorship initiative, CHOSEN.

Through CHOSEN, children are given the chance and opportunity to pick their sponsors.  In most sponsorship programs, children sometimes wait for a long time before they get selected. Through this charity program, they are given the chance to take hold of their future by doing the choosing.

To empower these underprivileged children in World Vision-assisted communities and to share them financial assistance and essentials through CHOSEN, the organization’s Philippine branch reached out to PascualLab, one of the most trusted pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines¹ and over 140 employees heeded the call.

Through their sponsorship, PascualLab will be able to assist more than their original target of 75 children – a number symbolic of PascualLab’s years in the industry. And through this novel way of sponsorship, PascualLab hopes to help spread love, as its anniversary theme #PascualLove speaks of, during a time when it is so easy to see things in a negative light.

PascualLab Chairman of the Board, President and CEO Jose Augusto Pascual said: “In these bleak and uncertain times, people latch on to any glimmer of hope they can find in their day-to-day lives. And so late last year, when the World Vision team initially proposed the idea of their charity program CHOSEN, we thought it was something that could give a ray of light to those in need. For PascualLab, it would enable our Family Members to reach out to underprivileged Filipino children and to share some PascualLOVE, given the situation we were and still are in, and the challenges that we continue to face.”

World Vision’s National Director Rommel Fuerte thanked PascualLab especially its volunteer employees, who signed up to be chosen as sponsors.  “With your support, children and their families can have access to healthcare, quality education as well as programs on livelihood, safety, and spiritual development,” he said.

The partnership was recently sealed in a virtual MoA signing between the two teams led by Fuerte and Pascual, Mia Pascual Cenzon, PascualLab VP for Corporate HROD and Design Services and Corporate Communications, and World Vision Director for Resource and Development Director Santos Godornes, Jr.