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PAGEONE’s Exceptional Work Earns Multiple Wins At The 2023 NYX Awards


PAGEONE’s Exceptional Work Earns Multiple Wins At The 2023 NYX Awards


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PAGEONE, a leading PR agency in the Philippines, won multiple trophies at the 2023 NYX Awards. This prestigious award-giving body recognizes exceptional achievements in marketing, communications, and video production.

PAGEONE President Vonj Tingson highlighted the significance of the NYX Awards, stating, “The NYX Awards is known for its high level of competition and rigorous evaluation process, making it a true measure of excellence in the creative industry. Being recognized amongst thousands of entries from around the world is truly an honor.”

With over 1,500 entries, PAGEONE’s campaigns emerged victorious, garnering six prestigious awards across various categories. Emphasizing the agency’s success, Tingson shared, “This is the first time we have submitted our entries, and it is gratifying to see that each of our campaigns has been recognized.”

President Vonj Tingson expressed his gratitude for the recognition and commended the PAGEONE team for their dedication and hard work. The agency’s outstanding work in social media, publicity, and technical innovation earned them three gold prizes. Their impactful campaign “Goolai Vs. Gulay: Educating Homemakers About Alternative Nutrition” received the Gold Award for social media, while “The Great Filipino Story: Celebrating Filipinos’ Achievements Around the World” earned the Gold Award for publicity.

Furthermore, President Vonj Tingson himself was honored with the gold prize for his individual achievement in “WILDFYRE: Reaching the Audience Through Blogs.” This recognition reflects PAGEONE’s ability to innovate and outperform competitors in the industry, particularly with their website development initiatives.

Additionally, the agency received three silver prizes for their efforts in integrated marketing, community collaboration, and technical innovation campaigns. Notable campaigns that won Silver Awards included “Going Green & Beyond: The Case Of Greeninc.ph” in the Integrated Marketing-Green/Eco-Friendly category, “Ang Pangarap Ng Anak Ko: Helping Parents Enable Their Kids To Dream” in the COVID-19 Related-Community Collaboration category, and “CONNECTED: The PAGEONE Digital Transformation Initiative” in the COVID-19 Related-Technical Innovation category. PAGEONE’s ability to empathize with real-life situations and create impactful campaigns has been a key driver of their success.

Each award-winning campaign by PAGEONE was characterized by a deep understanding of the audience’s needs and objectives, coupled with creative and innovative strategies. This accomplishment further establishes PAGEONE as a leading PR agency in the Philippines, gaining recognition not only locally but also on a global scale. Their consistent commitment to creating exceptional campaigns has earned them the trust of businesses seeking effective marketing solutions.

In light of their achievements, PAGEONE remains dedicated to pushing boundaries and delivering outstanding results for their clients, solidifying their position as an industry leader in the field of PR and communications.