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OYO launches Sanitized Stays in the Philippines

OYO launches Sanitized Stays in the Philippines

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OYO Hotels & Homes is rolling out its Sanitized Stays in the Philippines from 1 June 2020. Under the initiative, OYO will implement comprehensive hygiene protocols and step up vigilance measures pre and post-check-in and throughout its customer journey, to curb any potential spread of Covid-19.

Check-in & check-out: To ensure social distancing, OYO will revamp its guest check-in & check-out process to a minimal touch process. The hotel chain is in the process of acquiring the required approvals for guests to upload their IDs and complete their formalities at the hotel with minimal staff interaction. Similarly, check-out and payment processes are being restructured to ensure minimal staff interaction.

Minimal contact service: To ensure social distancing at all customer-facing touchpoints, OYO will introduce minimal contact room service and will train the housekeeping staff on the same.

Sanitized Stays Tag: All OYO properties enrolled in the platform will have the Sanitized Stays logo displayed on the Oyo App and Hotel Booking Platforms. Prior to being awarded this tag, hotels will go through an initial check, followed by checks are regular intervals for compliance. Out of these, properties that have cleared the background check will display the Sanitized Stays tag on the booking page. An audit based on reviews from guests will be conducted on the properties regularly to ensure that feedback, reviews and recommendations are taken into consideration to ensure they continue to be accredited as Sanitized Stays.

Training of on-ground teams: The new training module will incorporate SOPs on the changed operating procedures across functions like:
○ Health screening including temperature checks and symptoms for guests as well as employees. Guests, Vendors and Contractors will be required to complete travel and health declaration.
○ Proper disinfection of the space frequently with the placement of hand sanitisers at the reception and the increased need to wear safety gear at all times
○ Encourage in-room dining and avoid all public areas
○ Distance markers on floors to highlight the correct physical distance people must adhere to
○ Guests will be requested to handle their own luggage as far as possible (unless the guest is a senior citizen or has a physical impediment). All luggage will also be sanitised.
○ Policies for dealing with outside suppliers and contractors complying with health advisories and government regulations
○ Property management to oversee the property’s housekeeping practices

“In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the hospitality industry is facing a new normal in the way we operate. As a brand committed to offering safe accommodation options, OYO is proactively leading the change in housekeeping and cleanliness protocols within the hospitality industry, across all OYO properties. In this industry, maintaining the trust and confidence of guests is key – and this is reflected in the guest-first approach OYO is taking through our new protocols, in order to provide reassurance and peace of mind to guests,” said Ankit Gupta, Country Head, Philippines, OYO Hotels & Homes.

Hotel proprietors and staff can exercise discretion to accept or decline guests who exhibit signs and symptoms associated with Covid-19 such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, runny nose, headache and sore throat.

The Department of Health’s Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre (CPRC) will be contacted if guests and staff show signs any staff members show such signs and symptoms of having the virus.

Reminder to guests and staff
To ensure that social distancing is continuously observed, reminder signs will be placed in locations with higher foot traffic such as the hotel reception and lobby, in lifts and lift lobbies, and in restaurants. There will also be reminders on proper handwashing techniques in all toilets. To encourage frequent hand-cleaning, hand sanitisers with at least 60% alcohol content will be placed in common areas such as the reception and lobby, for all guests and staff to use. All staff will also be reminded to maintain appropriate hand hygiene standards by frequently cleaning their hands with soap and water or hand sanitiser.

Thorough cleaning protocols
As a vigilance measure, public spaces will be cleaned frequently using disinfectant products that have been pre-approved by the Ministry of Health for cleaning activities. Extra focus will be given to frequently touched areas such as tables in the lobby, the reception desks, lift buttons, door handles, room key cards, water dispensers and so on. Hard surfaces will be cleaned with warm water and detergent, followed by the disinfectant solution.

All items for laundry will be thoroughly washed at the hottest appropriate setting and fully dried, while all equipment used to transport and handle laundry will be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised.

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