Friday, July 19, 2024

No need to wait for 12.12! Here’s where you can get everything you need with free shipping

No need to wait for 12.12! Here’s where you can get everything you need with free shipping

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By now, you’ve probably gotten used to clicking the Add to Cart button and impatiently waiting for kuya or ate rider to arrive with your latest haul. Brick and mortar shops have gone digital and the number of online shops is growing by the minute – and these days, the new shoppers’ dilemma is which products to buy, which online shops to buy from, and most importantly, how to save on shipping fees.

If, like us, you’re feeling overwhelmed with the endless options, here’s a quick guide to your new basic needs now that you’re living an indoor lifestyle!

Health boosters
Unlike many things happening right now, staying in good shape is something that’s within your control. While wearing PPEs, practicing social distancing, and constantly washing your hands can help a lot, your best defense is to keep yourself healthy.

You can start with maintaining a well-balanced diet and making sure you’re getting important nutrients every day, like Vitamin C. It can be intimidating to know which vitamin brand to choose with so many of them out there, but there are brands like Nutrilite that go the extra mile to ensure quality by tracking the entire process of their plant-based supplements down to the very seed, and let you know all about it so you can be confident with your choices.

Home essentials
One of the most important things during this time is making sure to keep clean. Went out to pick up deliveries? Sanitize. Touched the elevator button? Sanitize. Everyone now stores a stash of disinfectants and has their own sanitation station at home, because nothing beats feeling safe and secure after cleaning up.

Since most alcohol products tend to dry the skin, look for disinfectants that have aloe ingredients to keep your hands soft – like Amway Pursue Hand Sanitizer. Keep your home and other items sparkling clean as well, using trusted effective brands such as PURSUE™ Disinfectant Cleaner.

Workout fuel
This quarantine lifestyle has us spending more time sitting and less time walking, so home workouts have become a must if you want to stay in shape. You probably already found one that suits you – weightlifting, dancing, HIIT – especially as more and more fitness facilities offer online classes. Even cycling studios have started selling stationary bikes so you can ride along with them at home.

Either way, home workouts are now part of your indoor grind along with chores, work, and virtual hangouts with friends. It sounds like a lot, honestly. That’s why another indoor essential we’ve identified is fuel, aka energy drink. Watching your sugar intake? Opt for sugar-free and carb-free brands, like XS Energy Drink!

Plantito and plantita needs
Have you hopped on the green thumb train? We don’t blame you! Aside from cleaning the air, giving you food, and making your home more beautiful, plants are quickly becoming the new pets. And you never have to worry about running out of new leafy babies to add to your collection since online plant shops seem to be sprouting everywhere, and you always have your food scraps which you can replant!

As you grow your plant collection and even try to grow your own food, don’t forget to keep them healthy. Use good quality soil and fertilizers so your plants grow lush and bountiful. If you’re not sure which plant vitamins to feed your leafy buddies, go for organic ones that are safe and effective, like Nutriplant’s.

Grooming necessities
Last but definitely not least – because grooming is an act of self-care and is still a must even when staying indoors all day. A good, cold shower can help lift your spirits on off-days (plus, your housemates will thank you for it!) and some self-love can ease your anxieties. If you’re one of those who put on makeup and dress up with nowhere to go just to cope with cabin fever, we applaud you.

Now is actually a great time to hone your make-up skills. Find brands that allow you to be creative with your looks, like the vast and versatile collection of Artistry Studio, and don’t be afraid to go crazy – you’re just at home anyway. Clean up and suit up, too. Our weapons of choice? Glister toothpaste, Satinique hair products, and G&H body essentials!

Now that we’ve laid it all out there, you’re probably thinking that’s a lot of different things that you’d have to get from different specialty shops – and not even all shops plan to celebrate 12.12 with free shipping! Worry not, because you can now shop everything in just one place with Amway Exclusive Shopper!

Shopping definitely becomes more convenient when you can order everything you need in the highest quality, in just one platform, with free shipping. Sign up as an AE Shopper and get the best Amway products at distributor prices. All items can be returned within 100 days with no questions asked and all logistics covered, and membership comes with free consultation with their very own health and beauty experts. Even better, you no longer have to wait for 12.12 or any other holiday sale because shipping is free with a low minimum purchase of just P1,000!