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Know The Regional Varieties Of Your Favorite Pinoy Ulam


Know The Regional Varieties Of Your Favorite Pinoy Ulam


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The Philippines is vastly rich in ingredients, whether it’s a type of protein or spices. There’s no question that Filipinos are such great cooks.

Filipino food is part of the culture and tradition of the country, and many times there are regional vías or ulam that resemble each other.

Try to level up your meals at home with these regional dishes that are still close to your favorites.

1. Kansi (Sinigang na Bulalo)

If you love sour and umami, kansi from Iloilo brings you sinigang and bulalo fusion to your soup bowls.

Classic beef shanks, but the soup’s sourness doesn’t come from tamarind like typical sinigang, instead from ‘batwan’ or ‘bilimbi’ fruits.

The vegetables for this soup are replaced by more fruits, such as jackfruit and kamias. You can also add chili peppers if you prefer to spice it more.

2. Kalderetang Batangas

Kaldereta tastes the best because of the rich liver spread ingredient, and quite commonly, Filipinos use liver spread for their morning pandesal or merienda.

But if you run out of tomatoes at home, then liver spread with a bit of peanut butter is all you need to thicken your Kalderetang Batangas.

This version of Kaldereta still gives you a sweet taste and is even more saucy for your rice.

3. Tiyula Itim

Soups like nilaga, tinola, or even bulalo have become a long-time favorite for any Filipino’s stomach.

In Sulu, Tiyula Itim gives you a black-colored soup, not because of pig’s blood like dinuguan, but because it’s actually charred coconut meat.

The beefiness and charred coconut give it a more heavenly taste, especially when mixed with spices; no wonder it’s considered “food for royalty.”

4. Pinuneg

Longganisa has been part of the Filipino breakfast, but at times it has become a viand, especially for those who love the sweet and meaty taste.

If you’re looking for a more interesting take, then perhaps ‘pinuneg’ or blood sausage from Ilocos and matching tomatoes can be worth a try.

This sausage is made from pig’s blood, meat, and fat; what makes it more authentic is the Ilocano Basi or fermented wine from sugarcane.

5. Adobong Labong

Adobo is one of the staple dishes of the country, and while it has different variations, Adobong Labong, or Adobo Bamboo Shoots from Visayas, is the most unique kind.

This dish requires young bamboo shoots to be peeled and boiled to soften the bamboo more and remove its toxins completely before being cooked with the pork and shrimp.

Adobong Labong has been a food that Visayan people have eaten since childhood since bamboo shoots are quite apparent in the region.

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