Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Globe-owned IT solutions company Yondu earns Great Place To Work certification

Globe-owned IT solutions company Yondu earns Great Place To Work certification

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Yondu, the top IT solutions company wholly owned by Globe, has achieved another milestone this year as it earned its Great Place To Work (GPTW) badge. Over the years, Yondu has steadily built its status as the top IT solutions company in the Philippines with the innovative solutions and tools it has developed and the team of experts it has nurtured. Now, Yondu cements its status for great workplace culture with the Great Place To Work certification.

“This Great Place To Work certification is a nod to our efforts in providing an environment where every Yondude can thrive, grow, and reach their full potential. This validates the effectiveness of our HR strategies and initiatives, reinforcing our belief that investing in our employees’ well-being yields tangible results. The certification is not just a milestone; it is a reflection of our shared vision for a thriving workplace,” said Roxanne Tamayo, Vice President for Human Resources at Yondu.


Renowned global organization Great Place To Work’s annual research represents more than 12 million employees from organizations of varying sizes, industries, maturity and structures in over 50 countries. Through its certification program, organizations will have the opportunity to assess their workplaces and benchmark themselves against the Best Workplaces in the world. 


According to the organization’s website, a Great Workplace is “about the trust employees have with their leaders, the pride they have with their jobs, and the happiness they experience with their colleagues.” Driven to continue cultivating a good workplace culture, Yondu teamed up with Great Place to Work to administer the Trust Index Employee Survey to assess their level of trust, the pride they take in their work, and the positive experience they share with coworkers. 


Yondu scored 88% in Justice as employees believed the management promotes inclusivity and equality to ensure fairness. Yondu scored 86% in Intimacy, implying that employees enjoy working with their colleagues and have a supportive work environment wherein people care for each other. Lastly, Yondu got 83% in Camaraderie, indicating the sense of enjoyment and belonging that employees feel in the workplace. Based on these results, Yondu was able to attain the trust index score requirement and received a Great Place To Work certification.


Despite the recognition, Yondu remains committed to maintaining a safe working environment where every Yondude can thrive while embracing their individuality. The company actively fosters employee growth, both professionally and personally, by offering learning and development opportunities and promoting engagement initiatives such as mental health programs and interest groups, which support employees’ personal passions and overall well-being.

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“What sets Yondu apart from other organizations is its genuine focus on understanding and supporting its employees,” said Javen Babac, Lead Application Support Specialist at Yondu. “The company recognizes that employees perform their best when they feel valued and supported, and this philosophy sets Yondu apart by fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.”


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