Friday, July 19, 2024

Global E-Cigarette Brand RELX Sets Industry Standards For Quality


Global E-Cigarette Brand RELX Sets Industry Standards For Quality


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Experts at RELX International, the leading electronic cigarette company, are seeing wider adoption of e-cigarettes among adult vapers and smokers as better alternative. The group underscored the importance of reliable vapor products and quality testing standards for consumers’ best interests. It is boosting its capability to ensure that it is providing its consumers with products that meet international quality and reliability standards.

“Quality is our key priority. Only products that meet our high-quality standards are delivered to retailers and customers,” said Di Yang, RELX International General Manager. The company maintains rigorous testing and quality standards that follow government standards in markets it operates and standards for e-cigarette products.

As part of its unrelenting focus on quality and the ‘Super Smooth’ brand promise, RELX has set up five laboratories in China over the course of five years to create the best products and vaping experience that set the bar for the quality, reliable and product experience for the industry. To meet global standards, all RELX’s products go through several stringent steps for quality control. At every stage of production and development, the process involves 58 inspection procedures, 18 rigorous quality control measures, and more than 200 tests to ensure consistency and reliability.

What’s in your e-liquid

RELX pays close attention to the high-value ingredients that make up its e-liquids. Other e-liquids in the market, particularly counterfeit ones and modified vaping devices, do not conform to regulated standards or list of ingredients that do not match contents on their packaging. Aside from quality, honesty and transparency are important to determine if a product is good or not.

To guarantee consumers’ safety, RELX has made use of ingredients from the food sector including vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Vegetable glycerin is commonly used in baking and is used in e-liquids to achieve a thicker consistency. Propylene glycol on the other hand, which is commonly used to make bread, is utilized to keep the e-liquid stable in different environments.

Bioscience laboratory

RELX has also established an exclusive e-cigarette bioscience laboratory which aims to provide insights on the effects of e-cigarettes. The bioscience laboratory, located in Shenzhen, China, is conducting research on the evaluation and comprehensive impact of vapor products. The laboratory aims to provide global insights into the areas that require more long-term research such as the actual harm reduction elements of e-cigarettes and other potential effects of vaping.

“For us, it is crucially important to increase our knowledge on the effects and mechanics involved with e-cigarettes to become a more trustworthy and better solution for existing smokers to successfully quit. As the vaping industry is under a lot of scrutiny, we are committed to ensuring that our products are backed by technology. Our state-of-the-art production capabilities and bioscience laboratory will help us bring better and reliable alternatives,” said Yang.

As a responsible member of the vaping industry, RELX is developing and pioneering both technology and programs focused on empowering adult smokers through technology and design, responsibly.