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Food Places To Try In Boracay This 2022: A Millennial’s Guide


Food Places To Try In Boracay This 2022: A Millennial’s Guide


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As Pinoys drive through the summer heat, Boracay certainly is the number 1 island destination in mind. After all, it is a hot vacation spot not only for families and barkadas but also for solo traveling millennials.

Apart from its world-class beach and luxury hotels, it’s also a haven for a great food adventure. From Stations 1 up until 3, there are lots of food stops to cater for every kind of tourist.

With a wide range of food options, every millennial has lots of food to try (and critique – of course).

Here we bring you a must-try list of food shops in Boracay where you can spend the food trip of your dreams:

1. Meze Wrap

For on-the-go millennials with activities booked for the day, Meze Wrap is a quick stop for cheap and quality mediterranean cuisine.

They have different options for meat wraps and rice meals, with most dishes being grilled the island way. If you are craving for the taste of kebab or any other middle eastern dish, Meze Wrap will cater to that hunger.

Meat lovers had a wide range of options, including pork, beef, and chicken. They also have fresh seafood, perfect for the seaside food trip. Moreover, their interiors are pretty bohemian and artsy — well-catered to millennials looking for affordable spots to vibe in.

You can visit Meze Wrap at Main Road, Boracay Station 2, across Lake Town.

2. Epic Boracay

If you love interiors or you’re just eating for the vibes, then pay attention. Epic Boracay can be your restaurant for the day, and party place at night!

Their menu is made up of a great variety of cuisine from Asian to Western — from appetizers to main entrees, this is a go-to place anytime of the day. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to get a good seat, you can enjoy a magnificent beachview while eating.

Epic has happy hours from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. At night, you can get drinks as you enjoy the music from their DJs. During daytime, guests can eat with a beachview, or enjoy their interiors by taking Instagram selfies.

Whether you’re looking for a place to fill in your tummies or just looking for somewhere to show your beach groove, Epic is quite a flexible Boracay spot for tourists.

Reservations are highly encouraged at Epic. You can find them at Boracay Station 2.

3. SpiceBird

Craving for anything grilled? SpiceBird can offer you grilled meat and authentic Boracay seafood — also grilled. Loved by a lot of Millennial tourists, they serve great food with great servings! For mukbang lovers, SpiceBird is heaven but in food.

For millennials who are undergoing a special diet or for those who went vegan, SpiceBird has also options for you. If you visit for the first time, their piri-piri dishes are a cult favorite and a must-try.

Plus, they have cool interiors too. For the Instagram babes, they certainly got your feed aesthetic going. You can find SpiceBird at Station 2, inside D’Mall Boracay.

4. Kolai Mangyan Boracay

For millennials on a budget, Kolai Mangyan is perfect because it’s affordable and there’s enough serving that will film your hunger.

They also have a good range of cuisine in their menu, as they have local Pinoy food to East Asian ones. The place is quite hippie with its island vibe, boho decors — perfect for every millennial tourist.

You may visit Kolai Mangyan at Boracay Station 1, near Willy’s Rock.

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