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Farmer’s Son Celebrates After Passing The Board Exams


Farmer’s Son Celebrates After Passing The Board Exams


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“Ma, Pa! Pasado ako sa Board Exam for Teachers,” Angelito Jr. C. Perater emotionally shares in his viral video after learning he is officially a Licensed Professional Teacher.

Perater graduated from Central Mindanao University with a Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English, he had taken the Licensure Board Exam which he announced in a video that he had passed.

He called out to his parents and his tears slowly fell, finally letting go of his anxiousness of the board and reminiscing the sacrifices he made have been worthwhile.

He had lived a simple but struggling life, thus he knew to always put his best foot forward in academics to open the windows of opportunity.

“To be honest, I came from a humble background. We struggled, and my family’s livelihood was farming. If there was no harvest, there was nothing to eat. But as long as I could go to school, I always gave my best. I graduated as a Cum Laude, and the pressure of not passing the Board Exam for Teachers was also on my mind,” Perater shared in a local news outlet.

With his achievement, Perater shared tips for education graduates who would take board exams in the future, he highlighted Study, Focus, and Pray as his formula to success.

“First, STUDY. It’s impossible to be knowledgeable about the questions that will come up in the exam if we don’t study and prepare. Second, FOCUS. I know there are many important things in life, but prioritize your studies. I recommend enrolling in a review center. Lastly and most importantly, PRAY. It’s free to pray and ask for forgiveness and help from the Lord. It’s all free, but the reward is immense.” Perater explains.

Beyond this is the quirkiness he displays on Tiktok, he becomes a relatable figure in his video when he reminds everyone to not be so harsh and pressure their newly graduated family members.

@angelo.perater COLLEGE GRADUATE PERO NAMÀLIGYA RAG BALOT? #unofficialangelo ♬ original sound – Angelo Perater

“After graduation is a new beginning, the first day of work is a new beginning, in short, every day is a new beginning,” he explains in his Tiktok video.

Taking time to relax and breathe is a good start in one’s life after graduation, much like himself, he enjoys the time he has now on his hands while finding his way to the world of professional teaching.

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