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Data says Pinoy love can still last forever in the quarantine age, this charity show tells you how

Data says Pinoy love can still last forever in the quarantine age, this charity show tells you how

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In the recent Havas Ortega Group report “Love in the Quarantine Age,” Filipinos said they still believe love can last forever. But do Pinoy millennials feel the same way, too?

Top improv group, Third World Improv (TWI) transformed market research into a comedy show entitled “Powerpoint PartTWI: Love in the Quarantine Age” to raise funds for OPEN HOUSE, an online fundraising project that supports Filipino artists and creative workers who lost their jobs and income to the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on Havas’ “Love in the Quarantine Age” Prosumer Report, 10 members of TWI and pioneering Filipino improv group Silly People’s Improv Theater (SPIT) performed live on the TWI Facebook Page about what PInoy love looks like in the middle of a crisis when the only remaining medium of connection between people is digital.

Jos Ortega, CEO of Havas Ortega, says “We have put a lot of time and effort in trying to understand our audience’s motivations and beliefs but this pandemic has shaken things up! Even the most romantic Filipinos are in limbo and are asking what the new dating rules are, what a loving relationship feels like, and what commitment means when you’re not even allowed to see or hold your partner. We have studied love in the digital age globally and locally. But what does this same love look like in the quarantine age?”

Among key “hugots” in the report that the show tackled are: 62% believe It’s easier to break up with someone through text or social media; 51% believe sex has nothing to do with falling in love; 45% believe artificial intelligence will be able to tell us if we are really in love and in a sustainable relationship; and, 98% believe having children is one of life’s ultimate achievements with or without a partner.

“As our industry unexpectedly moved to the digital space, we theater and improv artists were challenged to engage an audience that is anxious yet yearning for human connection. We wanted to use the Powerpoint presentation format to remind them of a time when everything had a clear definition, structure and schedule—and to show them that it just might be the most stubborn, funniest way to discuss love and all its possibilities amid a very chaotic period,” said Gabe Mercado, President of TWI, the first school in the Philippines dedicated to teaching the art and craft of improvisational theater.

OPEN HOUSE was created by TWI together with Philstage, Theater Actor’s Guild and SPIT Mnl, in cooperation with Ticket2Me, for the benefit of Artists Welfare Project, Inc.

“TWI witnessed thousands of Filipinos from the entertainment and live events industry struggle as the prolonged lockdown took away their livelihood. With data provided by Havas, we are grateful that we were able to develop a show that raised awareness about the plight of our colleagues and generated funds for them. We are hoping for more innovative collaborations like this in the future,” Mercado added.

“Powerpoint PartTWI: Love in the Quarantine Age” is still available for viewing here:
TWI Facebook Page

Open House donation channel Ticket2Me through the link also remains open.