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CSMC promotes financial wellness as part of overall health in latest webicon

CSMC promotes financial wellness as part of overall health in latest webicon

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After successfully producing webicons related to its flagship services throughout the year, Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC) continues to educate the general public about the importance of health and wellness, including financial stability. With this, CSMC taps into the financial aspect of overall human wellness with “First Things First: Achieving Financial Security by Doing the Right Things”, their newest webicon held on November 17 via ZOOM.

Part of CSMC’s advocacy is to promote a holistic approach to health and wellness, including being financially healthy. The webicon was intended to help CSMC’s audience properly manage finances, especially now during the Christmas season, and find the right plans to avoid suffering from financial stress, as well as securing their health in the future.

CSMC partnered with AIA Philippines and Manulife Group for this webicon and invited AIA Unit Manager Isis Clariz Huang and Manulife Senior Assistant Vice President of Wealth Sales Div Vitancor to talk about financial wellness and how it relates to an individual’s health, and various insurance plans and programs to ensure that one’s physical and financial health is always protected.

Huang opened the webicon with a talk on how to assess one’s overall health and fitness, introducing AIA’s science-backed wellness program called AIA Vitality. The program aims to reward users for taking the appropriate steps towards living a healthier life. While the app provides vitality reviews and health checks, Huang also encouraged the audience to find even more personal health and fitness assessments, like getting an e-consultation at CSMC. Huang also shared some of AIA’s vitality insurance plans under the program.

“Being healthy is your number one reward,” Huang said. “With AIA Vitality, you get the best value for your insurance. You have control over the benefits you can enjoy, and we reward you for the little wins so you can live healthier, longer and better lives.”

Vitancor, on the other hand, discussed Adulting, Manulife’s own program when it comes to financial wellness.

“Adulting is the practice of behaving responsibly as adults,” Vitancor shared. “When we say ‘being responsible adults’, there is an expectation that we are doing well with our finances, that we are able to manage our finances.”

Vitancor introduced Manulife’s Unit Investment Trust Fund, encouraging the audience to learn more about the fund and become investors if their objective is to grow their money under a fund managed by professional and highly-trained financial specialists.

Vitancor also stressed the importance of pinpointing the reason why one needs to save or invest and understanding the difference between the two. “When you come to us at Manulife and avail of our services, you come to invest, not to save. We have an array of funds to choose from, and we will recommend to you an ideal fund based on your risk profile.”

A Q&A portion for Huang and Vitancor followed after their talks, and both financial specialists addressed important investment and insurance questions, and emphasized certain points made throughout the webicon.

“Take advantage of your good health,” Huang concluded. “You don’t know for how long you will be in that condition. The earlier that you invest and the earlier that you are able to save your money, the more chances and the more opportunities you have that your money will multiply.”

CSMC plans to produce other webicons related to the other advocacies that it champions such as health and wellbeing and inclusivity, in partnership with internal and external stakeholders.

For more information about CSMC’s holistic health programs, as well as other services the hospital offers, please visit https://cardinalsantos.com.ph/. CSMC is also on Facebook, like and follow them at www.facebook.com/CardinalSantos.