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Amoy issue? Is #JoshDrea stuck in another awkward sITCHuation?

Amoy issue? Is #JoshDrea stuck in another awkward sITCHuation?

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They are finally back! After a successful team-up, A-list celebrities Joshua Garcia and Andrea Brilliantes, famously known as #JoshDrea are back in the spotlight. The duo who previously wowed audiences with their chemistry in a successful project, are set to dazzle fans once again with their much-anticipated digital offering.


Filipino netizens have eagerly awaited the return of this ‘kilig’ tandem ever since they broke the internet last time with their collaboration announcement. However, as excitement builds for their much-awaited reunion, rumors have emerged, hinting at another awkward ‘ITCHuation’ that the duo faced during their recent event appearance.

So, what’s the real story?

Via paparazzi shots, Andrea was spotted uncomfortably scratching her head while next to Joshua. This threw off Joshua and speculation regarding potential misunderstandings and issues between the two began to circulate.


However, Andrea revealed that it was not Joshua’s fault, but rather, it was the uncomfortable ITCHuation she had been dealing with for weeks after going back to her old beauty shampoo. Nonetheless, she reveals that she’s learned from her mistake and will finally #LetITCHGo so there will be #NoITCHuations between the two of them as she really enjoys working with Joshua.


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