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A golden age of eCommerce powered by Sentro as it celebrates its first year

A golden age of eCommerce powered by Sentro as it celebrates its first year

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Since its launch over a year ago, the country’s first free online Shop Builder Sentro has powered over 30,000 merchants across the Philippines. Developed by UBX Philippines, recognized as the Fastest Growing Fintech Company in South East Asia for 2020 and 2021, Sentro is an all-in-one ecommerce platform for Filipino business owners to jump-start, run, and grow their enterprises.

As the COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed consumer behaviors, Sentro ensures business continuity for SMEs with its digital end-to-end features, and ability to run their business on a single platform.

“It was getting too tiring to capture, track, and update orders from our customers, and accepting payments from multiple platforms is a headache.  But with Sentro, managing our business online is a breeze,” said Michael Lu, owner of Agrico Sentro shop.

With Sentro, business owners can create and publish their own online store in a few clicks.  It’s simple, free and easy, ensuring easy accessibility for business owners who are unfamiliar with digital and digitizing their brick-and-mortar businesses.

“We wanted to provide MSMEs the capability to set up their own online shop that they can call their own. We want Sentro to be accessible to everyone starting an online business, which is why we made sure that using our platform would require little to no knowledge in tech, making it easy for even the non-techiest of individuals. In a matter of months, our team was able to launch Sentro to the public during the first few weeks of the pandemic. The launch could not have been timelier as it was made available to MSMEs when they needed it most,” said UBX Head of SME Ventures, and Sentro’s Product Lead Bjorn Pardo.

SMEs who are trying to explore the digital space in order to keep their businesses afloat in this pandemic and beyond, have three major pain points: fulfilling and accepting payments, logistics, and keeping track of orders.

“These same pain points that our MSMEs are experiencing are what drove the creation of Sentro and into what the platform is today. We focused on making Sentro the go-to operating system for online sellers by addressing these pain points. Sentro provides our MSMEs with: an online shop builder which they can use to create their own ecommerce website where they can showcase their business and sell their products and services. It provides a built-in payment gateway (Bux) so that they don’t have to worry about accepting payments from customers using different payment methods; and a built-in logistics service provider (MrSpeedy) so that they can book deliveries for their customers without having to open up a separate app or website,” Bjorn added.

Sentro introduced a feature in March that allows Facebook Business Shop owners to link their stores to Sentro. This enables them to convert their stores from a marketing outlet to a full-fledged e-commerce store. Sentro can be linked to a Facebook Shop in minutes, and business owners can automatically accept payments, handle orders, and book deliveries from their supercharged Facebook Shop.

Sentro ensures that business processes are made easier through digital innovation and transformation. Sentro is not only powered by the technology of UBX, but also by the voices and hearts of the Filipino people.

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