Tuesday, July 16, 2024

5 tips to level up your content creation game with the realme 8

5 tips to level up your content creation game with the realme 8

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The rise of popular social media apps like Instagram and TikTok means just about everyone can be a multimedia content creator if they want to, resulting in a lot more content to enjoy online. Because of this, content creation has become quite the passion for today’s generation, and realme, the number 1 smartphone brand in the Philippines, is committed to nurturing this passion and enabling the youth’s creativity. 

While these social media apps make it easy for anyone to publish content for friends and followers, creating consistently beautiful images and videos—especially with only your smartphone—is something you’ll have to work a little harder to achieve. There’s no need to worry, though, because it’s not impossible to pull off with the realme 8 and its powerful photography features! 

Here are a few tips to help you in creating great content using the realme 8. 

1.         Look for stunning locations to capture 

The first thing to do when you start creating content is to make sure the shot looks really good. Half the battle is the location you’re in—if you can find a good, visually stunning location for your content, then it won’t be hard to make it eye-catching and beautiful. The realme 8’s main 64MP wide-angle lens can capture these alluring and dazzling locations with the best crispness and clarity to create some thumb-stopping photos and videos, so use it to your advantage! 

2.         Take as many photos and videos as you can 

Chances are your first takes will not be the best takes you can use, so just keep shooting! No matter what you’re shooting, whether it’s a photo or video, take a lot of it so that you can have as many options as you need—sometimes the best one will be the one you take after the first. With the realme 8, you can keep shooting to your heart’s content with its impressive battery life thanks to its massive 5,000 mAh battery.  


3.         Try different perspectives 

Don’t just hold up your phone’s camera in front of something! Try different angles to get different perspectives. The realme 8’s quad-camera setup in the rear has different lenses, such as an ultrawide and a macro lens, to make those out-of-the-box perspectives look good. You’ll never know what you might find when you try something unusual. 

4.         Try shooting at different times of the day 

Shooting at more “dramatic” times of the day, like the golden hour in the afternoon or the blue hour before sunrise and after sunset, can help you create more beautiful shots and videos. Experiment with these different times to see what you can come up with—the realme 8’s cameras can expertly handle these various lighting scenarios. 

5.         Play around with various creative modes 

While you can point and shoot with the realme 8’s camera, the built-in camera app also has different portrait modes you can try to produce even more creative shots. The special portrait modes include AI Color, Dynamic Bokeh, Neon Portrait, and AI Portrait, which you should play around with to see which ones pop out and catch your followers’ eye on their feeds. 


There’s no photography need the realme 8 can’t handle—it’s a great partner for mobile content creation as it packs a lot of great features at a solid price. Capture infinity and start creating your best content yet for the whole world to see. Available in Cyber Black and Cyber Silver, get the realme 8 for only P13,990 SRP via realme’s official flagship store in Lazada and in over 500 realme stores and over 4,000 partner dealers nationwide.